4 Piece Damascus Chef Knife Set - Ebony Wood

Kitchen Knives


$420.00 $320.00

The knife is an important kitchen accessory, therefore, quality and overall feel must be exceptional.

This kitchen knife set is handcrafted to provide you with a magnificent cutting experience. It's made up of Damascus steel which is unique and versatile. The main attraction of Damascus is its appearance and strength.

It's premium Materials and excellent craftsmanship that gives these knives properties that are not found on other blades.

Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC Which will hold a razor sharp edge years with general use.

Our Skilled Craftsman Forged the blades from a combination of Premium  15N20 and 1095 Carbon Steel,  Our unique process of tempering the blade creates a finished product that is sure to last a lifetime.

Whats Included:

- 4 Piece Set of  Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

- Soft Leather Carry Sheath perfect for the travelling Chef. Also, makes for a great gift.

This Item Ships from Australia

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